look at that handsome devil.

Team Rocket Trainee

Pete or as most people call him,the trainee,is a newcomer to Team Rocket. an aspiring engineer and understudy of Dimitri.He is probably the only one in trainee rank,and as an unlisted member he is relatively unknown to the executives or administrators.Pete is very accident prone,and has survived an unprecedented number of accidents.

Known life

Pete was born in goldenrod city where he was raised by kind but ignorant parents.Pete claims to have no family(ask him) this is probably due to his choice of life as a agent to a crime syndicate.Little is known for why he joined Team child he was mocked constantly by his peers for his clumsiness,they nicknamed him slippery pete because of his inability to keep balanced.In the present he is studying under Dimitri to further his goals.his intentions remain a mystery.


Pete is a very enthusiastic young man who will jump to the chance of working with anyone in Team Rocket.He is also very kind to people and pokemon,and is shown to accept a pokemon's faults even if they hurt him.He is very clumsy,a fact that almost everyone points out,but is also shown to be an idiot sevant.He is always polite,but even if his intentions are good he ends up as a failure,and that is his reason to become respected as a member of Team Rocket.He is also shown to be insecure and possibly may have low self-esteem due to his constant mistakes.he often cites him self as the worst member of Team Rocket,He aspires to be the Best.He is shown to be resourceful.


Magnemite,Zubat,Machop,Duskull,Trapinch,and Beldum.