Fucking hell that thing scares me.


Rob is king of the Slendrobs by trial of strength.

He has a base attack of 1000 without items or stab factored in thanks to Huge Power as an ability. He is the only Slendrob with this ability as he is the only one that got a dream world ability.

He is a Ghost/Dark type.

He has an aura of fear that can immobilize enemies and generally freak people the fuck out. This aura also has a mind of its own and fluctuates with his emotions.


Slenderman Move List for RP (Move Tutor) -Wrap -Slash -Hypnosis -Nasty Plot 5: Scratch 5: Double Team 6: Wrap 8: Flail 11: Camouflage 17: Uproar 20: Fear (Dark type, 60 base damage, prevents escape.) 24: Faint Attack 27: Fling 35: Slash 39: Screech 47 (Evolution, only learnable if decide to evolve from this point on) Extrasensory, Psychic, Teleport 49: Pursuit 51: Night Slash 54: Power Whip (Dark) 60: Hyper Voice 63: Taunt 66: Facade 71: Leaf Blade 77: Extreemespeed 84: Close Combat 100: Shadow Force

TM List -Hone Claws -Dragon Claw -Drain Punch -Telekinesis -Hidden Power -Taunt -Safeguard -Frustration -Smack Down -Earthquake -Psychic -Shadow Ball -Brick Break -Double Team -Rock Tomb -Aerial Ace -Torment -Facade -Rest -Thief -Round -Focus Blast -Energy Ball -False Swipe -Fling -Embargo -Payback -Shadow Claw -Giga Impact -Stone Edge -Rock Slide -X-scissor -Poison Jab -Dream Eater -Substitute -Rock Smash -Snarl -Cut -Strength (Gen 4 Moves, Duplicates Omitted) -Calm Mind -Toxic -Snatch -Drain Punch -Sleep Talk -Rock Climb (Gen IV Move Tutors) -Air Cutter -Fury Cutter -Ice Punch -Knock Off -Ominous Wind -Sucker Punch -Trick -Thunderpunch -Last Resort -Spite -Uproar -Endeavor -Outrage -Superpower -Pain Split -Mean Look -Headbutt Gen 3 TMs

-Secret Power

Gen 3 Tutor Attacks -Mega Punch -Body Slam -Counter -Seismic Toss -Metronome -Mimic -Endure

Gen 2 TMs -Curse -Nightmare

Gen 1 TMs -Razor Wind -Take Down -Double-Edge -Rage -Bide -Psywave

Base Stats LVL 50: 164-225, 134-215, 77-150, 79-130, 86-150, 60-100 LVL 100: 448, 437, 338, 390, 338, 172

Abilities Magic Guard/Shadow Tag DW: Huge Power

Rob has slightly increased stats to reflect his status as a stand alone and the fact that he is the leader of his kind.

He is from Alphea where another 199 of his people live. a total of a 100 of his people are out exploring the world leaving another 100 in Alphea to keep the population safe and breed. Or so I assume. He didn't really elaborate on that, And I'm not either.

Anyone else can feel free to add relevant information or correct any spelling mistakes whenever they so choose. That means you BM and Pidgi. This still applies in case I forget to add anything important.