Pandora in all her cute glory.

Pandora. The daughter of Adelade the Mismagius and Gengar.

Many don't know of Pandora, as for most of her life she has been out and about, but from what people can gather, she's a really tiny Mismagius with a squeaky voice and a mystery around her. It is known that the Ghost Witch heritage running in her ghostly veins allows for some unique abilities to come out, but even she can only guess the tip of the Iceberg.

As of now, she travels with a pretty good posse, each one she had taken in when she was at her Haven.

Upon her return, she tried making contact with whoever she could find. Failing to do so, and also in a joke, she signed up for Team Rocket as a Trainer, currently a grunt, but applied for Scouts. From there, she made contact with Dama , another aspiring Rocket Grunt, and since then, they kinda been together since, as a partnership considering they're both heading to the same direction: becoming Scouts.


Pandora has access to all attacks available to the Mismagius line, her Hidden Power being Fire.

Being cute: Yes, this is an ability of hers. When she turns on the charm, it's hard to resist having her around. A roll of evens when she turns it on means the target is infatuated with her, no matter male, female, genderless, or die-hard criminal mastermind hellbent on world destruction. This is mainly used to get fuel for...

Waking Nightmare: One of Pandora's two unique Ghost Witch powers. Upon finding what fears her target has, an evens roll will cause the target to become paralyzed and face what fears they have, whether it be losing family, that one special plush they have a soft spot for, the world suddenly turning on them, or even pickles. This is more torture than anything, as it does psychological damage rather than physical. When she does use it, she turns a midnight black with her pink tufts turning a glowing moon color. This is more referred to as her Nightmare form.

Shadow Tendrils: Inherited by her father, these tendrils can shoot from the shadows to grapple her opponent (Evens paralyzes, with help can be freed. Quads or better instant kill.) and rip them apart. If the ripping doesn't occur, then the tendrils will beat on their opponent (Bullet Seed rules, Ghost damage, Special type, uses Defense stat for calculating damage) until the Tendrils disappear (Five turns) or the target gets freed.

Hell Mode: Even Pandora doesn't know about this, but one could assume that it's the equivalent of opening her namesake's box.