Figured there should be a list of standard grunts and their Pokemon for easy referece. To qualify, they must be a Normal.


08: Veteran Rocket Grunt. Revolutionary tendencies, carries a whip. Has a Zubat, Meowth, and Koffing.

21: The shorter and stockier of the duo, has a pony tail. Is usually seen with 24

22: Clumsy nervous grunt who dropped the lift key and never lived it down. Has an inbred Murkrow, and others I forgot.

24: The lanky and taller of the duo, has a Ray Romano-esque voice. Is usually seen with 21

30: Wears heavy goth makeup. Has a Zubat and Persian.

45: Female grunt and former prostitute. Has a Pidgey, Oddish, and Grimer. Only member of 08's team without a Zubat.

67: Set of quintiplets. All of them have Zubat. Also have Koffing, Raticate, Meowth, Grimer, and Arbok.

72: Proton Fangirl Grunt. Not sure if this is her number, but remember it as being.

73: A tall, athletic grunt. Claustrophobic, used to be a stunt driver. Has a Zubat, Spearow, and Beedrill.

74: Speaks with a noticeably fake Brooklyn accent, often uses rough language. Hates the sewer and wishes he were back in Celadon. Pokemon unknown.


Steve: Appears at random intervals to comment on happenings. Voiced by a certain character from a certain television show.

Leroy: Generic grunt whose arm was bitten off by a giant Carnivine from the Inna Woods, which he later caught. Prosthetic left arm. Has a Golbat, Magnemite, giant Carnivine, and Armaldo.

Supply Grunt: Grunt in charge of providing supplies and rewards for missions, has an unexplained Brooklyn Accent.

Hamada: From Kanto. Has a small crush on some higher ups, and somtimes complains about not getting a promotion. Lives in the HQ in a small room. Has a Skitty named Dopey.