Jack is a Gallade, formerly a commando for the russian special forces. He is currently Dimitri Morozov's partner and best friend. Like Dimitri, Jack doesn't use physical force often, relying more on his brain to solve most problems he comes in contact with. Though he does not admit to having any exponential physical power, this cannot be proven due to the fact only Dimitri has seen Jack's full strength. Dimitri has never stated Jack to be very powerful, but it can be implied dued to the fact that Jack is Dimitri's main choice in a battle. Jack is the brother of Dree.

Early Childhood as a RaltsEdit

Jack was the first born between a Gardevoir and Gallade, the second being Dree, his time as a Ralts with his family is not well-known, even to himself. The only on that remembers tose times is Dree, this is because early in their childhood, Jack was captured by foriegn trainers (later revealed to be Russian Drill Seargents). He was given to Dimitri as his team-mate, however due to Dimitri's layed back and work-enthused attitude it was quite easy for Jack to warm up to him. He began training ruthlessly as his military career progressed.

Time in the Special ForcesEdit